What is Paleo?

What is Paleo Pioneer?

Paleo Pioneer is a health and fitness program that promotes an active and adventurous lifestyle through food, fitness, and fun.

FOOD: Paleo Pioneers follow the Paleo Diet in which we eat whole foods: meat/seafood/eggs, real oil, lots of vegetables, and some fruit and nuts.  We eliminate foods with sugar, grains, and dairy.

FITNESS: Paleo Pioneer also stay active!  We encourage any type of consistent exercise plan that you enjoy and keeps you moving.

FUN: Lastly, Paleo Pioneers have emotionally healthy relationships, stimulate our intellectual curiosity, exercise spiritually, and have fun in our lives.  Adventure and laughter are a must!

Latest Posts:

2013 Christine….it’s time to meet the 2012 Christine!

By Christine

It has been a very long time since my last post.  I fell off the Paleo wagon. I had finished 3 triathlons in the Summer of 2012 and then I just stopped.  It started with a vacation….continued… I … Keep reading!

Set. Go. Wait, are you READY??

I looked at the blog and saw that I didn’t write for over three months.  THREE.  3.  Trois.  Tres.  Holy. SH*T!

And I tried to log into the blog…and I forgot the password.  That means that I did not even … Keep reading!

I Want To Be A Part Of It….and I was

[not really a Paleo post.  Actually, it's been a strange Paleo week as I have been very sick with the stomach virus since Tuesday and haven't eaten real food in a few days.  As Babs would say, "How fabulous for … Keep reading!

Making Mistakes…..

I don’t even know where to BEGIN.  I mean it – where do I BEGIN?  I guess I should start with hellllllllo friends, hellllllo fellow Paleo peeps.  That might be a good starting point.  Then, I’d like to apologize for … Keep reading!

How Big Is Your….

EGO?  Gosh!  Get your heads out of the gutter!

I feel a bit torn about writing this blog post but I will.  My life is going through a transition right now.  I have decided to leave my company, my career … Keep reading!